Volendam, Netherlands

Just recently, I went on a family trip to the UK and to some parts of Europe. Since it was my very first time visiting the UK, I was ecstatic to say the least. I absolutely loved London with all its pretty white buildings and architecture, delicious food and can we all talk about the sightseeing? I did not mind being a tourist one bit. But besides London, one particular city simply took my breath away and that city was Liverpool. Weird right? Not a city most tourists would think of visiting but my dad is an avid football fan so this trip was a must.

This post will my very first blog post ever written on this blog that I created about ten minutes ago. I decided to document this trip and put myself on the internet. We'll see where this goes. I will be blogging about the other cities that I have visited but this post will be about a lovely little town in the Netherlands called Volendam.

Volendam is a tiny little town in the Netherlands only reachable by bus since it does not have a train station. It has been a popular tourist destination in the Netherlands known for its famous Dutch herring (which I tried) and being able to get a picture of you wearing a traditional Dutch costume (which I also tried and am very embarrassed of haha). It is a town fit for relaxation and long walks. Also, the locals there were very very nice which is something I value from this town.

You can catch a bus to Volendam from Amsterdam Centraal Station for 10 euros per person. Just don't forget to purchase your tickets at the ticket counter located on the bus platform at the station and always look at the announcement board so that you don't get the bus platforms wrong. Oh and this ticket also includes a return. The ride to Volendam took about 26 minutes with a few stops along the way. The views along the way were great with a view of Amsterdam's traditional houses, lakes and their famous windmills! Now onto some actual pictures of Volendam.

The adorable houses Volendam locals inhabit.
Volendam daisies...and I've never actually seen daisies before.
One thing I recommend you do in Volendam is to go to one of their many photo shops (they usually say "foto" on their store signs) and get a picture of you or you and your family wearing a traditional Dutch costume. There are several of these shops along one street in Volendam but Foto de Boer was the one I visited with my family. Do not be fooled once you go inside because the lobby of the shop is a gift shop and all you need to do is pick your picture format (small or large) and go upstairs to get dressed. The people working there are super nice and welcoming and they will instantly get you into those costumes once you're ready.

Foto de Boer - Haven 82, 1131 ET Volendam, Netherlands
After taking our family picture, we were told to wait thirty minutes 'til they were done. To kill time, my family and I decided to venture out and walk along the streets of Volendam searching for food. Now Volendam is known for its famous herring which is a type of fish. They are sold all along the streets by street vendors. I decided to try it and I must admit, it looked disgusting and raw but the lady told me that it was marinated so I gave it a go. It is served with raw chopped onion pieces. I didn't completely hate it since I do like raw salmon sashimi. Besides that, I also bought their seafood platter which consisted of fried calamari, fish sticks, shrimp, fried fish and fried clams. This was accompanied by tartar sauce.

The street vendor!
Here is my failed attempt at taking an Instagram-worthy picture holding food.
The seafood platter. Clockwise: fried calamari, shrimp, fried fish, fish sticks and fried clam.
And this my friends, is Dutch herring. Looks slimy and gross, I know but is actually pretty good.
After eating some of Volendam's seafood and Dutch fries, we decided to look for dessert. As we were walking along the streets of Volendam, I stopped to take a few pictures.

These kids were the cutest thing ever, I just had to snap a picture!
Apparently Volendam has its own cheese factory.
Inside Volendam's cheese factory. I didn't try anything though since I'm not a big fan of cheese :(
We finally stopped to get ice cream at an ice cream shop not far from the cheese factory. All the staff there were really nice and they also have free WiFi which is a bonus if you're a tourist.

After getting ice cream, we decided to walk some more to get a few souvenirs. We also took a few family pictures near the ocean which was beautiful and really nice. The only thing that wasn't nice about this part was the weather. It was really hot that day and I was wearing a sweater and jeans haha :(

Saw some Dutch tulips but it wasn't even tulip season so I'm not sure they were real :/

After A LOT of walking, we decided to end our day and walk back to the bus stop. We stumbled upon another street vendor with quite a long cue selling poffertjes which is a traditional Dutch dessert (we also have these in Indonesia!). Let me tell you this, these were REALLY good.

SO many options to choose from <3

Finally decided to get the strawberry-chocolate in the medium size and they were super hot and delicious :)
Decided to get seconds but this was just chocolate all over in the largest size they sold.

I loved Volendam so so much! The idea of a tiny town with a population of just about 22,000 people sounded great to me. They lived their lives simply and traditionally, I was intrigued. Also the food was really good, I must repeat haha. I hope all of you people decide to stop by this lovely town when you're in the Netherlands. You won't be disappointed! ;)

If you have any questions, suggestions or whatever, comment down below! I would really appreciate your feedback. And for more pictures of my trip, kindly follow my Instagram- @fionaegandy

Much love,
Fiona E. Gandy